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The Chase von Mike Olbinski – Bester Timelapse Film Ever

Ich habe schon viele Timelapse Filme gesehen, doch der Film „The Chase“ ist die Krönung und das beste, was ich bislang in Verbindung mit Timelapse Aufnahmen gesehen habe.

Der Film „The Chase“ ist von Mike Olbinski, Fotograf aus Phoenix (Arizona).

Er war 14 Tage mit seiner Fotoausrüstung unterwegs und reiste durch New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana und North Dakota.

In dieser Zeit machte er 45.000 Bilder für diesen Timelapse Film.

Ein Feuerwerk von Wolken, Sturm und Gewitter. Großartig !

„I turned 40 years old this year and I told my wife all I wanted was 10 days chasing on the plains. She loves me though and it ended up being 14! Two days in April and then 12 straight days from May 23rd – June 3rd. Those 12 days were absolutely incredible. I’m friends with other chasers via social media, met them on the side of roads while chasing, even grabbed dinner together…but never have I felt more of a part of the chaser community than being out there for almost two weeks. Living the life…seeing the same amazing chasers over and over…it was overwhelming to me. I missed my family, it was hard at times, but it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Both chases originated from where I live in Arizona. In April I drove out all night to Colorado, slept maybe an hour, chased all day, got a good night’s sleep, chased the next day in the Texas panhandle and drove home that same night, stopping only for a quick nap in New Mexico. The second chase was the same. Left Phoenix late on the evening of May 22nd, never really slept and the chase was on the next day. All in all I drove well over 12,000 miles over the course of those two weeks, visited 10 total states (New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota) and shot over 45,000 frames of footage for this film.“ (Statement Mike Olbinski)

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Quelle: The Chase von Mike Olbinski

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