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Die traumhaften Fotografien von Christy Lee Rogers


Christy Lee Rogers, Künstlerin aus Kailua, Hawaii, hat einen ganz besonderen Bezug zum Thema Wasser.

Durch aufwendige Unterwasser Szenen erschafft sie außergewöhnliche Bilder und auch Filme. Der menschliche Körper, Mann und Frau, leicht bekleidet, umschlingen sich in fließenden Bewegungen unter der Wasseroberfläche und ergeben ein Bild, wie in einem Gemälde von Caravaggio.

Die Arbeiten von Christy Lee Rogers wurden bereits in den USA und in Europa ausgestellt und in vielen internationalen Magazinen veröffentlicht, wie z.B. in Harper´s Bazaar Art China, Eyemazing, The Independent, Casa Vogue, Photo Technique und viele mehr.

„My purpose behind the work is to question and find understanding in the craziness, tragedy, vulnerability, beauty and power of mankind. I’m mostly concerned about freedoms, both gained and loss; but for art to truly be art, the observer must experience the work uniquely and for themselves, without pre-conceived ideas being forced on them. That’s what’s beautiful. Art is the easiest way for me to communicate with others, and as far as awareness, that’s mainly what I’m after – – that interchange, that higher understanding with another.

In my art, I experiment by letting go of the rules. I don’t use post-production manipulation to create the effects in my photographs, so I had to find a way to convey all of these ideas that were floating around in my head, naturally. This is when I started to experiment with water as a medium. Thereafter, I spent 8 years playing with every possible combination of elements. Now to create my effects, I use light refraction through water. Light bends when it passes from a substance of one density into a substance of a different density—this is called refraction. So, when light passes from the air into water, and by moving layers of the water, I can produce fantastic optical illusions: intensification of colors, blurring, blending and a painting-like final image. I feel like a magician, except I’m not trying to trick or fool people, but to open their minds to something that’s not always visible to the eye. In every new shoot I find myself experimenting further and further, and uncovering more possibilities.

The use of water, light, movement and bodies allows for this extraordinary interaction to occur, and I’m more inspired to create this new world than I am in photographing reality or things as they are. This doesn’t mean that I want to create fiction, because I’m interested in reminding people that there are still mysterious, impossibly magical things on earth –not solely in our imaginations.

Other people have categorized or defined my work as being a contemporary style of Baroque, but I simply want it to be experienced on a purely aesthetic level with no thought or labeling involved. Logic and reason have no home near my work, mainly because, in a way, I’m trying to free people of those barriers, which are almost brainwashed into all of us. So I guess you could say that individual freedom would be at the core of my work.

I’m complicated just like anyone else, a big dreamer and have four lifetimes full of projects I’d like to complete. The camera has been a tool since I was young, and we’ve been quite close, although I didn’t truly appreciate it until I found the water as my second tool. My pieces could be called my daydreams. It’s this world that I float in and out of that brings me peace, hope and is so damn interesting as to take all of my attention.“ (Statement Christy Lee Rogers)

If the World Earth Could SpeakIF THE WORLD EARTH COULD SPEAK



Quelle: ÉLAN von Christy Lee Rogers

Quelle: ÉLAN Flags von Christy Lee Rogers


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